Constitutional Amendments

Approved by the Executive Faculty 3/18/22
Approved by the Faculty 5/30/22
Approved by the Board of Directors 6/9/22

Article II (A): Members

II. Composition of the Executive Faculty 

A. Members 

The Executive Faculty shall be composed of the following individuals provided (i) they are full-time members of the faculty, tenure line or non-tenure line and (ii) their election is reported by the head of the electing unit when prompted by the Executive Faculty Chair (or designee) each year.

1. One elected representative from each Main Campus unit that issues a graduate or undergraduate degree (majors or minors, a non-minor certificate does not count as a degree for these purposes), provided it:

  • Has at least one faculty member, tenure line or full-time non-tenure line, who has a primary appointment in that unit
  • Has a chair or equivalent who reports to dean or higher (that is, not to a department chair or director who then reports to the dean)

2.  From the School of Nursing and School of Health, one elected representative each, unless the school has departments or equivalent units that issue an undergraduate degree. If either school has such units, then one elected representative from each unit provided it satisfies the two requirements for Main Campus units bulleted above.

3. One additional elected unit representative for each additional 25 faculty after the first (i.e., two representatives for 26 to 50 faculty, three for 51 to 75, and so on). For purposes of this provision, the School of Nursing will be treated as a unit, until such time as there are units within the School.

4. Five faculty members elected by the Main Campus members of the Faculty Senate. Faculty Senate appointees may, but need not be, members of the Senate.

5. The Provost, as an ex officio, nonvoting, member.

Approved by the Executive Faculty 4/23/21
Approved by the Faculty 5/28/21
Approved by the Board of Directors 6/10/21

Article I (B): Functions of the Executive Faculty

2. Approve Policy Proposals

All Main Campus academic policy proposals shall be submitted to the Executive Faculty for consideration before implementation. The Provost is responsible for implementing the academic policies approved by the Executive Faculty, unless the Provost determines that there are financial, legal, or other non-academic reasons for deciding not to implement a given policy, or for deciding to implement an academic policy not approved by the MCEF, and indicates those reasons in writing. The Executive Faculty, by a two-thirds majority vote, can appeal the Provost’s decision to the President. The decision of the President is final.

Approved by the Executive Faculty 2/12/99 
Approved by the Faculty 3/15/99 
Pending Approval by the Board of Directors

Article I (B): Functions of the Executive Faculty 

4. Committee Appointments 

The Executive Faculty shall have the right to appoint at least two members to any committee serving more than one Main Campus school, or any search Committee for a Dean or Provost or other senior Main Campus Administrator.