MCEF Motions

MCEF Motions, COVID-19 Era (March 2020-present)


MCEF Motions 2013-18

Date Motion Status
12/14/18 MCEF recommended approval of changes to Honor Council’s policy Policy adopted.
12/14/18 Resolution to be sent to President DeGioia regarding changes to Title IX rules Resolution was sent to President’s office. No further action needed.
12/14/18 MCEF Motion on SFS Participation in Annual Review of Pre-Tenure Faculty  was approved Annual Review Policy approved.
11/16/18 MCEF Recommendations based on the Intellectual Life Report were approved Recommendations forwarded to Provost for consideration  and implementation. Implementation has begun.
11/16/18 Proposed language by Sexual Assault and Misconduct Advisory Committee for inclusion on syllabus


was accepted and recommended for faculty use

No further action required
11/16/18 LGBTQIA+ Suggested Language on Names and Pronouns  was accepted and recommended for faculty use No further action required
10/26/18 Adjustment of Academic calender to harmonize the last day to withdraw from classes with “W” grade for undergraduate and graduate students Policy adopted.
3/23/18 Annual Review Policy for TL faculty Policy was forwarded to Council of Deans
1/26/18 Faculty Members’ Access to Their Records Policy Policy adopted. No further action required.
5/5/17 The MCEF approved an updated statement of learning goals for the Core Curriculum. No further action required.
5/5/17 The MCEF approved a joint committee with the Provost to examine issues surrounding NTL including in faculty governance. Committee has issued a report that is under consideration
5/5/17 The MCEF approved a change in language for the sanctioning mechanism of the Honor Council Proposal is being discussed with the Council of Deans
5/5/17 The MCEF approved a committee to develop a draft Code of Professional Conduct for the Main Campus Committee is being formed
5/5/17 The MCEF passed a proposal asking for regular reporting from the Provost’s office on the number and type of faculty in programs across campus. First report has been made
3/24/17 The MCEF created a committee to revisit and revise the Merit Review Policy Committe is underway
2/24/17 The MCEF passed a proposal to remove class rankings from undergraduate transcipts. No further action required
1/27/17 The MCEF authorized the Registrar to revise the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 academic calendar to meet accreditation requirements. No further action required
11/18/16 The MCEF created a Constitution Committee to recommend changes to the MCEF constitution. Committee is underway
10/21/16 The MCEF created the Intellectual Life Committee to provide an update to the decennial Intellectual Life Report Committee is underway
5/6/16 The MCEF approves the Resolution concerning Access to Faculty Records. Policy recommation has been made and approved
1/15/15 The MCEF approves the Revised Proposal for a “Designing the Futures AdvisoryCommittee.” No further action required
12/11/15 The MCEF supported the proposed salary plan for TL and FTNTL faculty. Passed by the Board of Directors
12/11/15 The MCEF approved the Main Campus FTNTL Faculty Committee proposal. The committee has been formed.
10/9/15 The MCEF approved the Proposed Mid-Career Development Consultation Proposal. No further action required
5/8/15 The document, “Georgetown University Main Campus Policy on Full-Time Faculty Salary Increases,” is an accurate statement of current policy. No further action required
4/24/15 The MCEF approved the addition of an “Engaging Diversity” requirement to the Core Curriculum. Passed by the Board of Directors
4/24/15 Recognizing the seriousness of sexual misconduct incidents on college campuses, the MCEF approved a motion supporting the dissemination of a statement regarding sexual misconduct by deans and faculty members. No further action required
4/24/15 The MCEF approved a motion expressing concern over the worsening traffic congestion on the Main Campus. No further action required
2/27/15 Membership was approved for the Film and Media Studies Program. No further action required
1/30/15 Departments must ensure that each PhD student who is a teaching assistant receives a written course evaluation for each semester. A committee is studying implementation
1/30/15 All terminal master’s students (except MBA students) will come under the Main Campus Honor Council. Implemented
1/30/15 The Research FTNTL Framework was approved. Passed by the Board of Directors
12/12/14 The MCEF approved the creation of a University-wide course designation for cross-campus interdisciplinary and experimental courses, for a three-year trial period. No further action required
12/12/14 Georgetown Day activities should begin at noon.    Arrangements should be made to make up any classes cancelled after noon.  Student Affairs is asked to bring back a proposal to address noise concerns during afternoon classes. A committee has been formed to study changes to Georgetown Day
11/21/14 Georgetown Day should not be held on a class day. A committee has been formed to study changes to Georgetown Day
9/19/14 The MCEF approved the FTNTL framework for Instructional Faculty. Approved by the Board of Directors
9/19/14 The MCEF endorsed the position that any minimum enrollment policy should be implemented in close consultation with departments and the faculty. No further action required
5/2/14 The MCEF requested that the Registrar change the default window for evaluations to the 24-hour period encompassing the last class period. This change was not feasible
5/2/14 The MCEF requested that the Registrar change the default window for evaluations from the standard week to the 24-hour period encompassing the last class period. Registrar will report on implementation issues and possible alternatives
4/25/14 The Main Campus Executive Faculty invites the Georgetown University Student Association and the four Academic Councils to select two non-voting student representatives to the MCEF. Implemented
4/25/14 The MCEF approved the Phased-Retirement Proposal dated 4/16/14, with amendments. Passed by the Board of Directors
4/25/14 The MCEF approved the Special Voluntary Early Retirement Program proposal dated 4/16/14. Passed by the Board of Directors
4/25/14 The MCEF approved the principles for a framework for full-time NTL faculty and endorsed the formation of an implementation committee. Implementation Team was formed
3/28/14 Each faculty member should receive the grade distributions from every course and section in her/his department or program annually. Implemented
2/21/14 Each chair and program director should receive data annually on their students’ average GPA inside and outside the major. Implemented
1/24/14 The MCEF voted to approve the Provost’s memo on Academic Continuity Planning dated 11/15/2013. Implemented
1/24/14 The MCEF passed a resolution expressing its objections to the proposed Voluntary Retirement Program.  Specific concerns included the 25% reduction in compensation for retiring faculty and the process by which the proposals were generated. A task force was formed to revise the proposals
12/13/13 The MCEF expressed its concern that the Merit Review Policy approved by the MCEF in December 2012 has not been implemented. The Provost will form a committee to study the merit system
12/13/13 The MCEF approved the 12/04/13 draft of the Guidelines on Joint Faculty. Implemented
12/13/13 Intellectual Life at Georgetown University 2006-2007: Recommendation 6.4 (grade distributions by department should be sent to all faculty members annually). Implemented
11/15/13 Approved the Course Banking Proposal with additions: (i)  This policy will be re-evaluated after 3 years; and (ii)  If the proposal involves a single academic year, the faculty member can borrow ahead. Implemented
10/25/13 MCEF approved the new sabbatical flexibility policy. Implemented
9/27/13 The MCEF voted to amend the Constitution to expand membership eligibility to full-time members of the faculty with at least one year of service. Passed by the Board of Directors

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